The Story

Astronaut. Cowboy. Football player. I was ten years old when I walked into “Take Your Child to Work Day” with my Dad, and after that day these childhood dreams never again shined so brightly in my mind. Conference room meetings and production lines; dress shirts and safety glasses; emails and phone calls. These became the scenes in which I imagined myself being as an adult. I was going to work in business.

In 2018 I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, an internship in production planning under my belt, and an exciting role lined up in a leadership development program at a global manufacturing corporation. Since then, I been faced with challenges, conflicts, and scenarios that university courses do not quite prepare you for. Though trial and error and the support of a fantastic network, I have learned innumerable lessons from these experiences.

The Young Professional is designed to serve as a resource, continuously growing and evolving, to all rising young professionals facing their own challenges in their own careers. Your support is appreciated, and I humbly and sincerely hope that the guides, tutorials, and insight contained within this website will serve you in your professional world.