And We’re Back! – The Watercooler Monthly Newsletter: July, 2019

Our July monthly newsletter.

And we’re back! It’s been awhile since our last newsletter, and for good reason: Over the past month and a half, I’ve been hard at work expanding our blog content and working on building a social media strategy to grow our audience. Moreover, July is historically one of the busiest months in my current role. This has put an unfortunate limit on my available time to work on this site. Going forward we will be using a new monthly newsletter format rather than a weekly release, but rest assured you will find updates on the latest (and upcoming) changes here!

Since our last newsletter, we have added the following exciting content spanning a variety of subjects (including our new Lifestyle and Personal Finance topics). Don’t miss out, read them below!

“How to Own Your Life with a Daily Routine”

“The Simple Guide to Writing Your Cover Letter”

The Comprehensive Guide to Budgeting”

5 Tips for Writing a Professional Email”

“6 Digital Side-Hustles You Can Start From Your Laptop

In addition to these new articles, you will also find the addition of two new posts. They will each serve as an ever-growing master list of all free digital resources, product recommendation, promotions, and affiliate links covered in our many articles. These should serve as an easy point of reference, so enjoy!

“Free Digital Resources”

“Recommended Guides, Products, and Services”

Now on to what you really want to know: What is coming up in August? Be on the lookout for several new articles including the guide to building a minimalist professional wardrobe, book recommendations for young professionals, and several personal finance resources you are certain to enjoy.

As always, thank you for your support and feedback as we continue to grow our site. Please do not hesitate to recommend content or request articles that you would find interesting or useful. Keep stretching for greatness in your early career roles, and we will see you next month!


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