New Week, New Inspiration: The Water Cooler Weekly Newsletter – June 11th, 2019

Inspiration and progress in sunny Florida.

Time flies! Another week complete, another newsletter post released. The days are getting hotter here in Florida, but that doesn’t make the views any less beautiful. Since our last newsletter post, I have been hard at work in my own job. Between the sweet smell of summer and the hard knocks of young leadership in my current role, I have felt a great degree of inspiration this past week. In turn, I have tried to turn this inspiration towards the future of this blog. Come take a look at some of the recent additions and upcoming changes!

Let’s start with content. In case you missed it, we have two recent articles released that cover topics related to both Career Development and Professional Excellence. Be sure to check them both out below!

In addition to these new articles, we have additional exciting content coming later this week on subjects including Resumes and Interviews and Leadership. Keep your eye open so you don’t miss out!

As for inspiration and progress outside of content alone, The Young Professional is continuing to expand its social media presence and improve SEO results. Our social network now extends to the following platforms, so be sure to follow us for the latest updates!

As we move into the exciting yet unknown future, expect significant increases to the content in our existing categories, as well as the release of content in new categories designed to help you master personal finance and improve your lifestyle.

The Young Professional thanks you for being a part of our community! Together, we will help to ensure that the next generation of innovators and leaders succeed.

~ Seth

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